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International commitment

Please find hereby HELMo's international commitment

You can find the whole Erasmus+ Strategy here, summarized as followed :

For years, HELMo has been participating in the EU programmes, developing both mobility activities and research projects. Through this ECHE, HELMo is continuing its internationalisation while developing its institutional strategic plan. The objectives are to strengthen and broaden the transnational partnership, reinforce ther anchorage in the networks in which we participate to multiply the mobilities, to lead to dual degrees, to develop research/ lifelong learning projects, to recognise as learning outcomes all skills of an international nature, to develop the e-learning, to set up the digitisation of mobility. The activities (out-in mobility, internationalization@home, Research, virtual projects) are for all students, staff and researchers.
The aims are 20% of mobile students, 50% who can attest an international activity during their studies, 10% of the staff who can attest a participation in an international activity. Support is given to people with special needs.
The centralized IRO collaborates with departmental International Relations Coordinators, the management, continuing education and research, academic affairs, IT, finances, elearning, inclusion, ESN, quality, and externally with academic partners, the professional world, local, regional, national/ international authorities.
The impacts are digitalisation for mobility monitoring, internationalisation of our programmes, to strengthen the quality of the curricula, participate in the professional development of teacher-researchers and to increase the excellence of initial training and the attractiveness of HELMo. The process, assessed on an annual basis, is part of an institutional quality approach to improve governance and match HELMo’s training
programmes and values. HELMo develops a communication strategy to disseminate the results. HELMo thus wishes to strengthen its role as an educational, social and economic actor on a regional, national, European and international scale.