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Gramme : un grand nom pour une grande école

HELMo Gramme - Welcome to HELMo Gramme

Who are we?
HELMo Gramme Institute which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary is one of the 11 institutions which grants the industrial engineer diploma in the French- speaking community of Belgium.  Its reputation is based on a challenging level of studies combined with high quality educational mentoring.
Industrial engineering studies are an audacious mix of engineering sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry), applied sciences (mechanics, electricity, thermodynamics, …), technical courses (informatics, design and graphic techniques, technology, …) and general courses (English, economics, philosophy, …).
A polyvalent and rational industrial engineer was born out of this prodigious cocktail, able to solve several problems in the industry in which he doesn’t take long to bring in his additional value.
But this polyvalence is also for the Gramme engineer an essential asset which allows him, if needed, to redirect his career in another field of the industry.
Proximity educational methods based on modern tools allows the student to let his creativity grow with the years; very early, practical applications, manipulations in the laboratories and group works allow him to master the technical reality.

Trainings available for international students 

Industrial Engineering orientation

HELMo Gramme’s “traditional” master, in direct drive with the industrial world, proposes traditional activities of technical training based on projects-oriented learning as well as management, economy, ethics, … lectures crowned by an internship (minimum 13 weeks) leading to a final thesis. The main objective of the training is to approach various areas of the industrial engineers’ many-sided activity. Our didactical contents focuses not only on sciences and applied mathematics skills which allow to display technical creativity, technical know-how, essentially learning-by-doing ones, but also on interdisciplinary projects because in the company, where the industrial engineer has to play a part of general coordination, human relationships and management are of the utmost importance.
The study programme of the Industrial Engineering orientation is available here.

Sustainable Energy Engineering orientation

HELMo Gramme’s recent master has provided since 2012 a critical review on the global problem of energy supplies facing up the shortage of fossil fuels and the rise of their cost use. This academic and professional training takes stock of the most current researches and surveys in the global field of sustainable energy. Its multidisciplinary and transversal approach takes into account the various steps of the energy processing.
It leads to much in demand career opportunities like energy production manager, energy auditor or consultant, HVAC engineers… from production up to the optimization of the rational use procedures and their linkage with social policies. 
The study programme of the Sustainable Energy Engineering orientation is available here.
Other practical information regarding the arrival, the accommodation, the necessary document and the way of living in Liège can be found on the pages dedicated to Erasmus IN.